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Pillow Mixup

Friday, January 29, 2016

Do you have trouble mixing patterns? I used to cringe at the idea of coordinating patterns...and then I realized there is really nothing to it. It's okay if things don't match perfectly - they are not supposed to!

I realized that "wacky" patterns could easily be paired, as long as you have an anchor pillow - a pillow that is solid, or a neutral subtle colored pattern.

I've grown to love Society6. Where else can you find original art that can be placed on pillows, throws, etc. There are talented people out there and we are really lucky to be able to use their art to decorate our homes!

I recently purchased two floral pillow covers for our sofa (pictured above). I was truly pleased with the quality.  The material is similar to heavy canvas and has a hidden zipper.  My husband cringes at the thought of new pillows. I always remind him that I'm not buying MORE pillows...just covers for our existing pillows. It's a simple way to change things up!

Below are several pillows that I have recently saved to my favorites on the Society6 site.  The flamingos are rocking my world right now.  Not sure if I will incorporate them into our decor. How fun are all these patterns?

Yesterday, on Instagram, I told you I was planning a giveaway! It's not an extravagant giveaway, but one to say thank you, for following me along this blog journey.

Pillow Mixup

I don't want much from you....just drop me a line in the comment section and tell me what you love or don't about my blog. I enjoy positive and constructive criticism really I do! You don't have to follow my social media pages, or retweet anything, or plug my blog in any manner. I'm making it easy. Winner will be selected via random generator next Friday, February 5th! Best part...You pick out the cover of your choice!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by from time to time!

Have a great weekend!!

(P.S. This is not a sponsored post for Society6...I just happen to think it's a fun site!)


Tickled Pink....Handbags

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Rose Quartz is the Pantone color of the year. So is some periwinkle-eque color they call Serenity...but does anyone really care about that color...Personally, I'm not a fan.

I've been searching for a new pink handbag. Nothing fancy or extravagant...and I always prefer a cross body. Being handsfree works best for me.  Sadly, I upgraded my phone and it no longer fits in my existing go-to I've also been searching for a replacement. Wristlets come in handy when you are running to the grocery store or gym and don't need all the contents of your handbag!

I've selected some bags and wristlets that are contenders...while others are simply a dream....but that's a girl's right...isn't it?

How dreamy are some of these bags? I have my favorite (and it happens to be on sale), which one is yours?

(for full details you can click on each bag)

Dyeing Upholstery

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

dying furniture, rit dye, DIY
Chairs Before

We have had two occasional chairs that we purchased from Overstock, nearly 10 years ago. They have served us well, but I had grown tired of them. I have moved these chairs all over the house, and I couldn't get them to work anywhere. 

During the holidays, I rearranged our great room, and decided to try to make the chairs work...again.  If you read previous posts, you'll note that I also changed the colors in our great room as well.  I went back and forth....Do I want navy chairs...or do I want pink chairs....I decided navy was the winner....Being the indecisive person I am...I flopped back to PINK

I really wanted to reupholster our existing occasional chairs in a beautiful new fabric. However, I had set a budget for myself, and it wasn't in the cards. In addition, reupholstering is a daunting task. That's when I had the idea of dyeing the fabric. I know people have posted countless tutorials on painting fabric. After reading up on this option, it wasn't something I was interested in doing. I was worried the fabric would be stiff, and honestly, I didn't think that painted fabric looked all that great.

That led me to researching fabric dye. I have never dyed anything....other than my hair. Not to mention, the fabric that I was dying, wasn't cotton. The chairs are more like microfiber. What kind of dye do I use?  Would Rit dye work? Would the fibers on the chair soak up dye? Would it be consistent and even? Would the dye bleed on clothing after dyeing? So many questions....

I found one tutorial on Pinterest from a designer who painted a client's chair purple. The chair turned out beautiful. I poked around quite a bit and found two more people who attempted this project. Their results, didn't leave me as impressed. Basically, there isn't a lot of information out there on dyeing upholstered furniture. This could be because Rit actually has a disclaimer that discourages you from doing so. I'm not usually a rule breaker.....but............

I headed to my local Michael's on a mission to find dye.  They had a small selection. I picked up a few colors...because who knows...I might change my mind AGAIN...and I didn't want to go back to the store. I'll return whatever I don't use later. 

Ultimately, I decided on Petal Pink!  With snowstorm Jonas hitting our city with 70+ mph winds, sleet and was the perfect time for a DIY project!

Rit Dye, Dying Furniture,

First thing I did was pull the cushions off and vacuum the entire chair. 

Then, I mixed the dye. I used two cups of very hot water with two caps of dye.  Initially, I started out with one cap, but the color was too light. This part will be trial and error. Start out very conservative and add more dye to achieve the color you want. Be sure to use gloves and have a roll of paper towels in arms reach. Also keep in mind, different fabric will produce different results. Find an inconspicuous area to test your mixture. 

Dying furniture, rit dye

I got to work...I used a paint brush to apply the dye solution to the chair. This is not for the faint of heart. The whole time I applied the dye, I was thinking to big dummy....why did you do this...I'm certain I'll end up having to reupholster these chairs....what was I thinking....

rit dye, dying furniture, DIY
(This is after the first application, I went over each chair twice)

But guess what....I just kept going! I did see another tutorial where they sprayed the mixture onto the fabric and saturated it. I tried this method as well, but ultimately, I found that I got the best results by using a paint brush. 

Dying furniture, rit dye, diy
(attempting the spray method on the second chair)

You will need to go up and down, side to side, heavily saturating the fabric.  This will ensure you get a consistent and uniformed appearance. I also took paper towels and blotted some areas that looked darker than others (just as you would when trying to remove a stain from carpet or clothing). Always be sure to have paper towels or a couple of old towels close by. Remember, you are saturating the fabric, the solution will run. It's don't want it running where it is not supposed to! I went through three rolls of paper towels during this process.  

Note: Remember, I was using this dye on a synthetic fabric. Which means, it did not absorb the dye quickly.  I noticed that on a couple of dish towels, the color appeared much darker.  So please please be sure you test prior to going crazy.

diy, dying furniture, rit dye
See how much darker the pink is on the white cotton kitchen towels

I continued to work the dye into the fabric until I achieved the look I desired.  The chairs took overnight to dry.  The cushions were still slightly damp the next morning.  Here is what the chair looked like while drying.

dying furniture, rit dye, diy

Once I got the dyeing out of the way (and the chairs were fully dried), I was ready to tackle the next step: painting the wood trim white! I didn't tape any of the fabric on the chairs, I simply cut-in...carefully.  If you are a messy painter, I suggest you tape any area that you don't want paint!  I used left over Annie Sloan, in Pure White.  Let me tell you, I LOVE chalk paint. It's easy! I painted the trim AFTER dyeing, because I didn't want the dye to soak into my paint...leaving me with pink splotches all over my white wood!

diy, dying furniture, rit dye
Pay no mind to the "assistant" in the background. Our Ollie boy likes to be right by my side at ALL times. He "may" have ended up with a white tail....

Chalk paint dries FAST! The paint doesn't glide on the surface like it does with traditional paint. You can remedy this by keeping a cup of water next to you. I do one dip of paint and then a small dip of water (to the tip of my bush) and the paint has a perfect consistency. 

rit dye, dying furniture, diy
Those are not darker spots in the fabric, if you know how microfiber works, you can brush in one way or the other and it creates a darker shadow, the fabric is perfectly even.

Here are a couple of closeup pictures, so that you can see how evenly the color dried

dying furniture, diy, rit dye

annie sloan paint, diy, rit dye, dying furniture

Once your piece is done, if you have any concerns of the dye bleeding onto clothing, you can scotchguard the fabric.  However, I have tested the dyed fabric by rubbing a scrap piece of light fabric over the surface, and nothing is transferring. After discussing the scotchgard option with my husband, I opted to not scotchgard.  I told you I was highly indecisive...I worry that if I scotchgard, and decide to re-dye the chair a different color in the future, the new color won't penetrate the fabric.  If you know for certain this is the color for you...go for it!

Are you ready to see the finished product.....
dying furniture, diy, annie sloan paint, diy, chalk paint

Rit Dye, DIY, annie sloan, chalk paint, dying furniture

I couldn't be more pleased with the results. I took a chance, and the process exceeded my expectations....but the best part (I was saving this for last)...I was only out the expense of the dye....a whopping $4.50! That's right, this project cost me roughly four hours of work and less than five dollars. 

What do you think, will you try this instead of reupholstering?


Color of the Year - Rose Quartz

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I've been wanting to change the colors in our home FOREVER! However, like a comfy pair of old shoes or jeans...I didn't want to get rid of the existing decor, because it had not failed me. I truly needed to step out of my comfort zone and just go for it!

So, I planned...and of course, those plans changed. With each step, I found that things worked...or didn't....

One change I didn't foresee, buying a new coffee table! Five years ago, I found the perfect table that was dark wood with bronze caster wheels. It was oversized and large. There was one problem with the table...because of the size, it consumed the Persian rug, leaving it barely visible. If you are going to invest in a high quality piece, you want to be able to enjoy it, right? I decided that I wanted a glass top table, so that we could finally enjoy our rug!  Even though the table was affordable, the purchase took a chunk out of my $300 budget...but it was sooooo worth it!

I found amazing and super affordable pillow covers. Don't get me wrong, they are not designed with high quality fabric, but they suit our home just fine! With a furry pup and kids, durable fabric work best in this household.  I went out on a limb and purchased two pink fur pillow covers. Yes, you read that correctly, pink fur. Probably my favorite purchase!!! It's a little crazy, but they are so pretty and created interest and texture on the sofa. I'm still waiting on our floral pillow covers to arrive....I cannot wait!

Here is a sneak peek: 
Pink Fur Pillow, Rose Quartz, Interior Design, Pink Living Room

In addition, I purchased a couple of Kate Spade coffee table books...because who does color best? Kate! Remember, this is my attempt to finally live life in color. Go outside the lines...and have fun!

Below are the items I used in our living won't believe what a steal the pillow covers were (remember, the covers are not high quality fabric, but they are constructed well and will last until we grow tired of them).
Navy Greek Key Pillows, Kate Spade Books, Pink Living Room, Glass Coffee Table
Fabric: Green | Pink | Navy
Books: Here | Here | Here

The pink bench is for inspiration. I am purchasing the pink fabric above to reupholster an existing bench.  

Another unforeseen expense, paint. We have a wall in the great room that leads into our second story entry. A change in the wall color would require scaffolding. I have driven myself crazy trying to figure out a way to paint that wall - without carrying it into the entry....I think I have a plan.  I'm not sure if it will look tacky...but I'll never know, if I don't try. I can't wait to tackle this project and share.

With unforeseen expenses, also came savings! I removed the existing fabric from our chandelier shades, which revealed the original ivory canvas cloth.  I planned on purchasing new fabric to recover the shades and then I had an idea...If I can paint on canvas for art...why couldn't I use paint on the lampshades! So I went out on a limb and painted them. I thought, if I planned on covering them anyway, if it doesn't work out - oh well. If it does...well then I saved a few bucks! Much to my worked!!!! Woo Hoo!  This was super easy. Mix a few table spoons of water with an acrylic paint color of your choice - it forms a dye-like substance. Then, grab a brush and get to work!


Do it yourself, Painted Lamp Shades

I haven't had an opportunity to revamp our occasional chairs yet. I'm contemplating not using them. I kind of like the openness of our great room right now. The changes that I have already made, has made quite an impact.  One being, there is no clutter. This makes my husband VERY happy.  He is a minimalist.

Finally...In my last post, I shared with you that I tried my best to recreate a van Gogh still life painting in high school...My Mom texted me a picture, so I could share my "masterpiece".  Looking at it now, it doesn't look as good as I thought it did...but it wasn't bad for a 17 year old kid. ha!

I was home with a sick middle schooler today. I'm not sure she will be heading back to school tomorrow.  Poor thing. She came down with this over the weekend. Isn't that the way it goes, you get one kid healthy and then another one gets sick....sigh. She needs to get better ASAP, she has a cheer competition on Saturday - provided Winter storm Jonas is kind to us. Everyone is complaining about the cold weather, but I welcome it! I feel like Winter is a time to slow down, relax, tackle indoor projects and rest by the fire...who is with me? 


Pink and Blue Abstract Art

Saturday, January 16, 2016

I've been a very busy lady trying to get our great room in order.  In my last post, I shared plans to revamp our space, as well as a few DIY projects I had begun.

In the past few days I have completed the art, sanded/painted the console table AND altered the lamp shades on the living room chandelier. I've also shopped for fabric, pillow covers and throws (which I will share in a later post). Today I want to focus on art.

The canvas I painted was inspired by this room, designed by Mary McDonald. I LOVE her work!

I spent a several hours on this painting. I'm not an artist, but I know what I like. I searched Etsy, ebay and, for the right piece, but nothing called to me. I did, however, find that there are amazing artists out there...but that is for another day. I needed something specific for our great room...and I decided it was up to me to create my vision.

I've been painting a lot lately. The process is cathartic. My youngest daughter really enjoys drawing and painting. So, it's a bonus that we can bond over canvas! Since I was a young child, I used coloring as therapy. As an adult, (before adult coloring books were a thing) I would buy coloring books and crayons. I would spend hours coloring...but...NEVER outside the line. I have a technique, I trace bold and then color lightly inside the lines. I've been on an abstract kick. Ironically, several years ago, I truly despised abstract art (see above regarding coloring inside the lines). Abstract breaks all the rules. No symmetry, no rhyme or reason...or so you think.  Ever tried to make odd shapes, patterns and colors work? It's more difficult than it appears.

In high school, I painted a Van Gogh still life. This was the first time I had tried to paint anything.  Our art teacher displayed our work in the hall. I wondered if anyone would recognized that it was van Gogh...or would they think my attempt was total crap? I was validated while standing in that hall,  when our music teacher approached me and said, "your van Gogh is impressive". I looked at her and said, "you knew this was van Gogh!" Beaming...In my head, I was giving myself a high five!

I haven't painted anything since my youngest was a baby.  I'm not consistent. It's a hobby. I also know I have limited abilities. Impressionism, Abstract...sure I've got that covered (on a very elementary level). how. I'm in awe of anyone who can draw or paint something with such great detail, that it looks like a photograph. Giving my all, my faces still turn out looking like a drunk Picasso...when they should have looked more like Rembrandt. 

Which leads me to sharing my paintings. I've posted a few on Instagram. Several of you really boosted my spirits with your sweet compliments. Some of you went so far as to say, you would want to buy them! To that I say, are you a drunk Picasso too? 


Living Room Makeover Option II

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Hey's me again! I'm here to update you on the progress that I've made since yesterday.  I stared at  the board I created yesterday and something didn't sit right with me. Perhaps it is because my sister said it looked like a Candy Land room....I went back and created a new board with the primary color being Navy, instead of pink.

Remember, I don't usually decorate in colors (how our great room normally looks).  I'm a neutral girl.  Working with bold color scares me. I'm truly stepping out of my comfort zone.

Pink Living Room

What do you think? I sent this collage to my sister and she likes this option better. I'm leaning this way as well.

Since yesterday, I've done some research and it appears that you CAN dye furniture with Rit! Dare I try? The dye is $4.00. I was planning on reupholstering the chairs anyway, so if the dye doesn't work...I'm out $4.00 and a few extra hours of work. No biggie! I'm really excited to try this on our drab chairs.

I also started tearing apart the console table that I loathed. Honestly, it is a perfectly fine table, but the shelves/cubbies were difficult to style, and I really wanted something more modern. I went out to the garage and grabbed a hammer, a small saw, a screw driver and got to work.  This table was built like a brick house. It took me over an hour to break it down...but I did it! I see the potential now! Our oldest daughter said it looked horrible and it was better before....but it's not finished! I still have to repair the screw holes, sand a few spots and paint! I told her pass no judgements until it's done!
White Console Table

What a colossal mess....and look at Ollie's tumbleweed that I found behind the table...Don't believe it when they say Goldendoodles don't shed. It's a LIE I tell ya! Kidding aside, the tight curl doodles don't shed...but Ollie is wavy and has more retriever traits. Still wouldn't trade him for all the riches in the world! 
This is what it looks like now....Has potential, right? I'm also considering putting faux pulls in the front, to give the appearance of drawers. Our great room is driving me bonkers right now. It's pulled apart and looks terrible. Patience my dear grasshopper.....I keep repeating this to myself. I want instant results...and I want our home to be back to normal! I don't think I could ever handle a full -blown home renovation. 

What do you think, do you like the Pink or Navy chairs better? Do you see the potential with the  redesigned console table? 


Living Room Makeover

Friday, January 8, 2016

Pink and Navy Living Room Makeover

I've grown bored of our great room. We have had the same color scheme for several years. It's time to start living life in color! I decided I wanted to add pink. I wasn't sure my husband would be on board.  I created this board, so that he could visualize my plans. Surprisingly, he didn't cringe. I'm taking this as a positive sign and moving forward with my plan! 

This grand plan would cost a fortune if I ran out and purchased everything new. Thankfully I have a few tricks up my sleeve! We currently own several pieces that I can modify and use. I've given myself a $300 budget. This $300, will have to cover the cost of fabric, art, paint, accents etc. 

We have a console table that I've never been particularly fond of. It's fine when used behind the sofa, but right now I have it against a wall. The piece has cubicles in the front...It's hideous. I'm not sure what we were thinking when we bought it 10 years ago.  However, rather than invest in a new table, I plan to knock the cubes out and paint it white. I'm hoping this "facelift" is just what the console needs....or it will end up on the curb! I'm growing less tolerant of "things" lately. If I don't like it, I don't see the point in keeping it! 

We have two cream occasional chairs that are not being used.  I'm going to reupholster the pair in pink fabric. I've never reupholstered anything, but I'm feeling ambitious. 

I have crystal and silver lamps that are gorgeous and being stored in the attic. They are screaming to be used! I've been searching for Navy lamp shades. So far, I'm not having any luck with my budget. No worries, I will just buy fabric and cover existing shades. 

I have several blue and white vases/ginger jars that can be used in our great room as well. 

While my list of items needed is short, some can be pricey.  I need a white fur throw and pillow for the chairs. I've seen several affordable options at Homegoods. I need small x-benches or cubes to be placed under the console. I'm not sure if that will be doable with my budget. I've seen them as low as $50 at Target.  The benches/cubes will be the largest expense.

I love to paint! I purchased a 36x48 canvas from Michaels. Their level 2 & 3 canvases (not professional quality) are currently half off. I paid $25 and will create my own abstract art! I've also been reading tutorials on how to create your own floating frame. While oversized art doesn't need a frame, it is certainly prettier with one. 

Thank goodness for Etsy! Fabric expense can add up quickly. Thankfully, I found a seller who has pillow covers reasonably priced. I'll recover existing inserts for pillows that are placed on our sofas.  

My goal is to complete this in the next two weeks. Not a huge undertaking, since I won't be painting walls or building anything. The bulk of my time will be reupholstering. I'm a tad nervous about tearing apart perfectly decent chairs. If only there were a way to dye the existing fabric. Does anyone know if this is possible? Have you seen it done? I bet Pinterest has the answer!

I'm really excited about this project and I can't wait to share the evolution and final results with you!


Black and Green Bedroom

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Pottery Barn Teen Bedroom Green and Black

After six years of the same bedding for Miss O, the time has come for a change.  As I mentioned in my previous post, Olivia is sporty spice meets gamer girl. I decorated her room when she was two and transitioning to a big girl bed.  I picked a look that she could grow into as she aged, but what I didn't anticipate was her personality.  The girly-girl room doesn't work for her.  She doesn't like pink. Her favorite colors are green and black. 

With that in mind, I ordered the above bedding and started designing her new space.  I plan to paint black or green vertical stripes on the wall where her bed is placed. I'm leaning more towards green, but that could change.  

Olivia has had this furniture since she turned two.  It's constructed very well and will last her through college and into adulthood. Provided her taste does not change.  I love white furniture. White furniture is easy to decorate around. It's a blank canvas. Everything looks great with it.  

I love the pin board with the varsity letter monogram! The letters are sporty and hint at Olivia's love for running and soccer.  

One request Olivia had was for a window seat.  She has a wall that would be perfect for built-ins.  My husband and I are going to tackle this project. We have never built anything....wish us luck!  When I showed her the plans for her room, she said "but I want a cushion on my window seat"....She's serious about this seat! 

Olivia is also a no nonsense girl.  She doesn't like clutter. She likes things fresh and clean. No fuss! With this in mind, I'm keeping the art and decor simple. Focusing on key pieces as focal points to speak loudly, like the sunburst mirror above the nightstand.  No knick knacks.

I would love to install a cool modern light fixture. However, we all like sleeping with fans on in our bedrooms.  So her white fan will have to do.  

I can't wait to get started on her space and post the progress. I'm making a trip to Benjamin Moore this weekend to select paint options.  I also want to put a chalk board wall in her room, but I'm not sure where at this point.  

This is the last post I will do until next year.....

Happy New Year....May 2016 be filled with excellent health and wealth....but most importantly LOVE!


Fa la la la la la la la Blah.....Closet Purge and Decor Changes

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Post Christmas blahs are real. I always get so excited at the thought of decorating for the holidays.  I get the hop immediately following Thanksgiving!

I deck the halls all month long, but the moment December 26th rolls around...I'm ready to clear out the holiday decor. Gone with the wreaths, gone with the red plaid, gone with the garland, gone with the ornaments and gone with the trees!

Remember that perfectly decorated home for the holidays....Well now it's been reduced to this:

I also get the overwhelming feeling to take my cleaning further by purging a LOT. I actually started cleaning out my closet before Christmas. Out with the old and well...just out with the old...because...

The older I get, the less I need.  I used to want the latest of everything. My Christmas list used to be pages long. This year, I asked for practical items...things that I actually needed: Slippers, Parka, Lululemon Pants, Snow Boots and Pajamas. I didn't ask for a handbag, jewelry...not even clothing (except for the studio pants which are AMAZING).  Over the past couple of years, I've been focusing on wearing what is in my closet.  I only buy what is a necessity...okay sometimes I buy something I can't live without...but it isn't often!

Which leads me to my next topic...learning to let go.  I have a closet full of clothing I never wear. Some items I love, some items are just okay...and yet the items that are "just okay"...I can't let go of. I fear I will want to wear these items eventually...of course eventually comes and goes...and those items are never worn and collecting dust.  So how do you talk yourself into finally ditching things you haven't worn in years?

It's happened before, I've purged and then regretted it...Specifically, when I went looking for a particular accessory or piece of clothing, only to realize that I donated it.  I think this is what causes my anxiety of getting rid of things. I am getting better...but nowhere near where I need to be.

I kind of veered off course didn't I? Where was I...Oh yes, post holiday blahs! There is this incredible build up of excitement. Especially for children. They can hardly contain themselves. For a solid month, all they talk about is Christmas day. The looks on their faces when they see what Santa has left for them under the tree...sheer joy!!

However, after the Christmas magic has passed, all of the clutter has to go! A new year is around the corner. Full of possibilities and hope! I can't ring in the new year with Christmas 2015 lingering. Does anyone else feel like this?

We are two days away from New Year's Eve and I'm still trying to get our home back in order. Big changes are on the horizon for our great room and our daughters' rooms. I can't wait to post the progress over the next couple of months!

Tomorrow, I'll share the plans I have for our youngest daughter's bedroom.  Her room doesn't represent her personality - at all. It's girly and she's more like sporty spice meets gamer girl. She's asked for a window seat and built in shelves. So I've been pinning like crazy. I'm a DIY girl, but I'm not sure I'm ready to tackle a task that large. We shall see....


Hair Growth

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Last year, I cut my hair off into a Lob. I loved it! I had zero regrets about cutting off my locks. The cut was fun and it was different than my usual beach waves. After a while, I grew bored of my hair and decided to grow it back out. I missed topknots!

I started taking a vitamin geared toward hair, skin and nails. Within two months my hair had grown drastically. I also noticed thickening. Granted, my "thick" is entirely different than an actual thick head of hair. Sadly, I have very thin hair...but hey...I have hair...So I'm not going to complain.

This is two month progress (I originally shared the comparison on Instagram).

One year later....SHOCKED by the growth. Keep in mind, I routinely trim my hair. Granted it's just the very tips, but I am diligent about trimming. So my hair has grown this much WITH trimmings! 

Vitafusion Vitamins Found: HERE 

I also went back to blonde. You know me, I can never make up my mind. My husband prefers me as brunette, but I like to switch things up. 

I've said it before and I will say it again...I only recommend things that I genuinely love. I wouldn't want someone wasting their hard earned money on something that I didn't believe in. 

So there ya have it! I actually shared my "secret" several months ago, but I have new readers, so no harm in sharing again!