Call Me Ang: Pink and Blue Abstract Art

Pink and Blue Abstract Art

Saturday, January 16, 2016

I've been a very busy lady trying to get our great room in order.  In my last post, I shared plans to revamp our space, as well as a few DIY projects I had begun.

In the past few days I have completed the art, sanded/painted the console table AND altered the lamp shades on the living room chandelier. I've also shopped for fabric, pillow covers and throws (which I will share in a later post). Today I want to focus on art.

The canvas I painted was inspired by this room, designed by Mary McDonald. I LOVE her work!

I spent a several hours on this painting. I'm not an artist, but I know what I like. I searched Etsy, ebay and, for the right piece, but nothing called to me. I did, however, find that there are amazing artists out there...but that is for another day. I needed something specific for our great room...and I decided it was up to me to create my vision.

I've been painting a lot lately. The process is cathartic. My youngest daughter really enjoys drawing and painting. So, it's a bonus that we can bond over canvas! Since I was a young child, I used coloring as therapy. As an adult, (before adult coloring books were a thing) I would buy coloring books and crayons. I would spend hours coloring...but...NEVER outside the line. I have a technique, I trace bold and then color lightly inside the lines. I've been on an abstract kick. Ironically, several years ago, I truly despised abstract art (see above regarding coloring inside the lines). Abstract breaks all the rules. No symmetry, no rhyme or reason...or so you think.  Ever tried to make odd shapes, patterns and colors work? It's more difficult than it appears.

In high school, I painted a Van Gogh still life. This was the first time I had tried to paint anything.  Our art teacher displayed our work in the hall. I wondered if anyone would recognized that it was van Gogh...or would they think my attempt was total crap? I was validated while standing in that hall,  when our music teacher approached me and said, "your van Gogh is impressive". I looked at her and said, "you knew this was van Gogh!" Beaming...In my head, I was giving myself a high five!

I haven't painted anything since my youngest was a baby.  I'm not consistent. It's a hobby. I also know I have limited abilities. Impressionism, Abstract...sure I've got that covered (on a very elementary level). how. I'm in awe of anyone who can draw or paint something with such great detail, that it looks like a photograph. Giving my all, my faces still turn out looking like a drunk Picasso...when they should have looked more like Rembrandt. 

Which leads me to sharing my paintings. I've posted a few on Instagram. Several of you really boosted my spirits with your sweet compliments. Some of you went so far as to say, you would want to buy them! To that I say, are you a drunk Picasso too? 


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