Call Me Ang: Living Room Makeover Option II

Living Room Makeover Option II

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Hey's me again! I'm here to update you on the progress that I've made since yesterday.  I stared at  the board I created yesterday and something didn't sit right with me. Perhaps it is because my sister said it looked like a Candy Land room....I went back and created a new board with the primary color being Navy, instead of pink.

Remember, I don't usually decorate in colors (how our great room normally looks).  I'm a neutral girl.  Working with bold color scares me. I'm truly stepping out of my comfort zone.

Pink Living Room

What do you think? I sent this collage to my sister and she likes this option better. I'm leaning this way as well.

Since yesterday, I've done some research and it appears that you CAN dye furniture with Rit! Dare I try? The dye is $4.00. I was planning on reupholstering the chairs anyway, so if the dye doesn't work...I'm out $4.00 and a few extra hours of work. No biggie! I'm really excited to try this on our drab chairs.

I also started tearing apart the console table that I loathed. Honestly, it is a perfectly fine table, but the shelves/cubbies were difficult to style, and I really wanted something more modern. I went out to the garage and grabbed a hammer, a small saw, a screw driver and got to work.  This table was built like a brick house. It took me over an hour to break it down...but I did it! I see the potential now! Our oldest daughter said it looked horrible and it was better before....but it's not finished! I still have to repair the screw holes, sand a few spots and paint! I told her pass no judgements until it's done!
White Console Table

What a colossal mess....and look at Ollie's tumbleweed that I found behind the table...Don't believe it when they say Goldendoodles don't shed. It's a LIE I tell ya! Kidding aside, the tight curl doodles don't shed...but Ollie is wavy and has more retriever traits. Still wouldn't trade him for all the riches in the world! 
This is what it looks like now....Has potential, right? I'm also considering putting faux pulls in the front, to give the appearance of drawers. Our great room is driving me bonkers right now. It's pulled apart and looks terrible. Patience my dear grasshopper.....I keep repeating this to myself. I want instant results...and I want our home to be back to normal! I don't think I could ever handle a full -blown home renovation. 

What do you think, do you like the Pink or Navy chairs better? Do you see the potential with the  redesigned console table? 



  1. In my humble opinion, the navy is a better main color choice for any investment pieces or things that can't easily be undone - even if the investment is small :) Pops of pink will be beautiful accents in the art, pillows, accessories, etc. I am also seeing huge green plants like fiddle leaf figs in this room to add texture, contrast, and brightness - so pretty! I love what you have done with the table so far - put some pinterest links on your instagram feed with pics of similar tables with huge baskets underneath. (farmhouse_42.) It is going to look great! Can't wait to see :)

    1. Navy it is! That is if I can muster up the nerve to dye the fabric. That will be an adventure! Love the ideas of baskets. I was thinking of maybe putting two large Chinoiserie vases on each side and then in the middle design books. Verdict is still out. I'll restyle that table 50 times before I get it right. ha! Thank you for sharing your ideas, I love brainstorming with social media friends. :)

    2. Blue and white porcelain is always a good idea in my book :) I collect antique ginger jars, and love the way they are perfect with everything always. I love what you are doing - can't wait to see the outcome!

  2. I love the navy. I think it's going to look fabulous! I also love the changes to the console table!
    We're in the process of discussing some design updates to our house and will probably start taking it seriously after the wedding. I can't wait!

    Alyssa | Glitter and Grey

    1. Yes, you have your hands full with the wedding! Very exciting!! I am def. going with the Navy chairs. :) Thanks for your input!!!