Call Me Ang: My Christmas List

My Christmas List

Sunday, December 6, 2015

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Christmas lists always feel so greedy, don't they?  I don't need anything...but of course I have a want list in the back of my mind at all times. I always create a list of wants and needs.

My favorite face cream in is La Mer. Say what you will about the cost, but I can see a difference in my skin when I don't use it.  I have really dry skin and this miracle in a jar is a life saver. A little goes a long way, and I can stretch a small jar into three months. I only use it at night. I use Clinique Dramatically Different cream during the day. The combo keeps my skin bright and smooth.

I was grocery shopping with my husband a couple of weeks ago, when I looked down to see that my favorite black cross body bag had I need a new black bag. I was really disappointed by the quality, as I didn't carry it daily...However, I'm willing to give Tory another shot. The style of the cross-body on my list reminds me of the Tom Ford Jennifer bag (that will never be in my budget). I've lusted over it for years...The Tory Burch bag is a great alternative.

I also love the Chloe bag. It's small and cute. Practical. However, it too would be a major splurge.

I'm a daily sweater wearer in the Winter.  For the clothes alone,Winter is my favorite seasons. I struggle dressing up in the Summer.  We live in a coastal's flip flops and t-shirts for this girl on most days. With that said...I can never have enough sweaters!

Bobbi Brown is my absolute favorite cosmetic line. She always comes out with great gift sets each year. You won't see me complaining if any of these end up in my stocking.

I moved our great room around to accommodate our Christmas tree this year. I actually love the way the space is laid out now...With the exception of our console table. Truth be told, I've never really cared for it. Which is why, I would love a new console table to place under our oversized art. The current console table is too short and it looks ridiculous. To say that it is driving me bonkers, would be an understatement.

For our 5th year anniversary my husband was in Hong Kong and had pearls strung for me along with coordinating earrings.  I was devastate when a few months ago my go-to pearl studs came loose from the post.  An easy fix...If I ever make it to the jeweler. In the mean time, another simple pair of studs would be perfect...a pair that I'm not sentimentally attached to. Thankfully, I caught the pearl as it dropped. I would have been so heartbroken had I lost it.

My slippers bit the dust last year, now I wear my husband's. Poor guy...when he can't find his slippers, he knows exactly where they are....on my feet! A new pair of slippers would be PERFECT!

We have a Jura Capresso machine. We love great coffee. Ironically, we do not have a single proper espresso guessed it...on my list!

Pajamas! I'm one of those women who puts on her pajamas the moment I walk through the door.  As I grow older I find myself more and more about comfort.  Thank goodness for the Lululemon leisure wear trend!

I've been wanting an oversized Burberry scarf for a long time. I like the cream and beige combo. It's subtle and doesn't scream Burberry, but still has the iconic styling of the brand.

I have several fashionable Winter coats, but I don't have a parka! Bus stop drops with the kiddos is COLD in the morning. I would be really happy to see one of these coats under the tree this year.

I wear my Hunters all the time in the rain. I've worn them in the snow too....BUT....they are not warm. I have the sock inserts too. Proper snow boots would be fabulous to have in my closet. Our snow fall is inconsistent. One Christmas we received almost two feet! The following year we only received a dusting. Last year we had several snows...and ice would be nice to be prepared for such events!

I love candles! The Anthro candles are equally pretty as they are fragrant....and they don't break the bank! I wouldn't be disappointed if a couple were placed under the tree with my name on it!

Finally.....My dream item...Wouldn't it be a dream to have a mink coat! The ultimate in luxury.  I can thank Santa Baby for this obsession. Ever since I was a little girl the idea of someone "slipping a sable under the tree for me" had an influential impact...of course I wouldn't mind a deed to platinum mine either...and a yacht...that's really not a lot....

So Santa baby...hurry down the chimney tonight!



  1. So many great picks! I'll always be a lip gloss girl at heart. Those Bobbi Brown glosses are calling my name!

    Alyssa | Glitter and Grey

    1. I'm a bobbi brown girls! I always manage to get her latest lip glosses at Christmas. My family knows me well. Hope they end up in your stocking too! :)

  2. Santa Baby made me want Tiffany ornaments.

    1. "Santa Baby" is a bad bad bad influence on bank accounts. ha!