Call Me Ang: Hot Cocoa Bar

Hot Cocoa Bar

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Jingle Cheeks, our Elf on a Shelf, made his first appearance this morning. He always shows up on December 1st. He arrived and set up a Hot Cocoa Bar in the beverage area of our kitchen! What a sly little elf he is.

I wish I could take credit for this adorable idea, but I was initially inspired by a friend, who showed me something she had pinned on Pinterest. What did we ever do without our virtual pin board?

Christmas should be fun and memorable for children.  December is always a magical time of year, and the elf is no exception.  He's magical and mysterious for the little ones.

I'll share with you where I purchased all the items seen in these pictures. You won't believe where the vast majority of these accessories came from!

Elf | I really wish I had time to order these Mugs sooo cute | Canister | Hot Cocoa | Tray

Apothecary Jar | Mini Candy Canes: Dollar Tree

Letter Printable Found: Here | Candy Cane Trees found at the Dollar Tree or Target

Can you believe I found these Cocoa Cups at the Dollar Tree! I fell in love with the Santa and Fox!
Side Note: One of the coffee cups says "Joy", which I know is a word associated with the Holidays. However, a couple of weeks ago, I asked my daughters what character I would be from Inside Out, to which my youngest said, "Joy"! This discovery put a whole new meaning to that word for me...I literally got tears in my eyes the moment it came out of her mouth. It's incredibly touching to see yourself through your child's eyes. I hope all parents experience this.

Penny Glass Canisters | Reindeer Mix found at Target (it's Archer Farm) or make your own Here
Holiday Marshmallows: Here | Here | Here | Here

Ginger Bread Houses also found at Dollar Tree or Here | Ceramic Tea Pot: Here | Here | Here | Here

Mug Cake Mix found: Here 

Hot Cocoa Stirs found at Target or Here and Here and Here

How darling are those tree and star marshmallows 

This Archer Farm Reindeer Mix is to die for...RUN to Target and pick some up!

Oversized Red Tray Super Affordable Found: Here | Hot Cocoa Mix found at Target or Here

Canister: Dollar Tree | Candy Cane Marshmallows found at Target 

I found the oversized candy canes seen in the silver tray from Target as well. Most of the items were toward the back in the holiday decorations area. This is a very affordable way to create something fun for your children.  Most people have the items already in their kitchen. The hot cocoa accessories are inexpensive.  You could also place popcorn or cookies in canisters. The point is to supply the bar with items that go great with hot cocoa! 

Have you done a hot cocoa bar, do you plan to do one? I promise your kids will love it! My girls looked at all the goodies for several minutes when they awoke this morning.  It's all about the magic....