Call Me Ang: Holiday Front Porch

Holiday Front Porch

Sunday, December 6, 2015

I'll be the first person to admit I am terrible at decorating the exterior of our home during the holidays. We never put lights on the house, and I usually do something very simple on the front porch.

This year, I wanted to do something different.  I didn't go crazy, I wanted the porch to remain simple. However....I also wanted a touch of whimsy.

Ironically, our front porch is one of my favorite aspects of our home....and it's been severely neglected during past Holidays.  I did manage to decorate for Fall this year!

While the interior of our house is splashed in red for Christmas, I chose to keep our front porch in black and white.  Sometimes less is more...

You can't imagine how much work this little porch of ours took...This was our home in a state of chaos as I raided our attic for things to decorate with...
I started by painting existing garden urns with my trusty Annie Sloan pure white paint....She never lets me down!
Yes...I painted inside...I'm a wild one...
Poor Ollie was beside himself because he couldn't get to meaning to codependent! 

Can you believe it only took 20 minutes to slap on two coats of paint for all four urns? 

To save money, I was able to use our existing boxwood topiaries and wreath.  Once again, I broke out my trusty floral wire to attach bulbs to our topiaries (which are flanking our door most of the year).  I used left over ornaments and ribbon that I had laying around.  

The only purchases I had to make for this look were flocked pinecones and faux snow.

Side note: You guys know how much I love "side notes"...Look at my Fall plants. They are still thriving and I don't have the heart to throw them out...So they are staying on the bottom steps. I can't toss perfectly good plants...right?
I had planned to spruce up the garland around the door frame with fresh garland, but I'm learning in life that I must choose my battles.  I'm limited on time, so the existing garland had to do.
Can we please discuss our "welcome" mat...Poor thing has seen better days...Probably time to replace! 

Cute dainty bow...

I also had left over buffalo check fabric that I used to make pillows for our sofa. I carried the look onto our porch by making additional pillows and a lap blanket. It gets chilly on that front porch in the Winter! I can't remember the last time my sewing machine has had this much use.

Pre-Snow...As you can see it's missing "wow" factor....

Virginia has been unseasonably warm for December...My hopes for a white Christmas have been dashed...So we made our own snow! Whimsy and magic.....

What do you guys think about our holiday porch? Is it too blah or just right?


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