Call Me Ang: Fa la la la la la la la Blah.....Closet Purge and Decor Changes

Fa la la la la la la la Blah.....Closet Purge and Decor Changes

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Post Christmas blahs are real. I always get so excited at the thought of decorating for the holidays.  I get the hop immediately following Thanksgiving!

I deck the halls all month long, but the moment December 26th rolls around...I'm ready to clear out the holiday decor. Gone with the wreaths, gone with the red plaid, gone with the garland, gone with the ornaments and gone with the trees!

Remember that perfectly decorated home for the holidays....Well now it's been reduced to this:

I also get the overwhelming feeling to take my cleaning further by purging a LOT. I actually started cleaning out my closet before Christmas. Out with the old and well...just out with the old...because...

The older I get, the less I need.  I used to want the latest of everything. My Christmas list used to be pages long. This year, I asked for practical items...things that I actually needed: Slippers, Parka, Lululemon Pants, Snow Boots and Pajamas. I didn't ask for a handbag, jewelry...not even clothing (except for the studio pants which are AMAZING).  Over the past couple of years, I've been focusing on wearing what is in my closet.  I only buy what is a necessity...okay sometimes I buy something I can't live without...but it isn't often!

Which leads me to my next topic...learning to let go.  I have a closet full of clothing I never wear. Some items I love, some items are just okay...and yet the items that are "just okay"...I can't let go of. I fear I will want to wear these items eventually...of course eventually comes and goes...and those items are never worn and collecting dust.  So how do you talk yourself into finally ditching things you haven't worn in years?

It's happened before, I've purged and then regretted it...Specifically, when I went looking for a particular accessory or piece of clothing, only to realize that I donated it.  I think this is what causes my anxiety of getting rid of things. I am getting better...but nowhere near where I need to be.

I kind of veered off course didn't I? Where was I...Oh yes, post holiday blahs! There is this incredible build up of excitement. Especially for children. They can hardly contain themselves. For a solid month, all they talk about is Christmas day. The looks on their faces when they see what Santa has left for them under the tree...sheer joy!!

However, after the Christmas magic has passed, all of the clutter has to go! A new year is around the corner. Full of possibilities and hope! I can't ring in the new year with Christmas 2015 lingering. Does anyone else feel like this?

We are two days away from New Year's Eve and I'm still trying to get our home back in order. Big changes are on the horizon for our great room and our daughters' rooms. I can't wait to post the progress over the next couple of months!

Tomorrow, I'll share the plans I have for our youngest daughter's bedroom.  Her room doesn't represent her personality - at all. It's girly and she's more like sporty spice meets gamer girl. She's asked for a window seat and built in shelves. So I've been pinning like crazy. I'm a DIY girl, but I'm not sure I'm ready to tackle a task that large. We shall see....


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  1. Ang, You are singing my song. There is a book I've been on the library waiting list for forever. It's called the Kon Mari method for decluttering and organizing. (I didn't want to buy it in case it was a dud but looks like I'll have to if I ever want to read it). Anyway, it's supposed to be the shiznit of teaching you how to let that stuff go- happily, and with no regrets. I'll let you know how it goes. :-/