Call Me Ang: Hair you go....

Hair you go....

Friday, November 13, 2015

My hair is thin and unhealthy. Nonetheless, I've had countless people on social media, ask how I style my locks.  Specifically, if I use a wand to curl my strands...and the answer is no.

Today, I used a timer on my iPhone to capture my routine. Let me tell you, It's not easy to put yourself out there...looking like a complete fool. I'll be honest, it is much easier to show the final product vs. what it takes to get you there. 

Unlike Beyonce...I didn't wake up like this....So hair you go...a guide to the products and the method I use to style my hair:

I know that purple shampoo is all the rage when it comes to brightening up blonde hair. However, I've found that blue shampoo works best for me. This Joico shampoo (intended to tone brunettes) rids the brassy orangish tones right out...and brightens/whitens the lighter pieces.

Find: Here

Because my hair is thin, I place a dime size portion of Small Talk throughout my damp locks.  Once my hair is dried and styled, I smooth a small amount of After Party over the frizzier pieces.

Find: Here, Here

I use an inexpensive no frill 3/4 inch barrel curling iron 
 Find: Here

For day old hair, I use Not your Mother's Clean Freak Dry Shampoo to freshen up my roots...It is AMAZING (I won't use anything else)...I finish off my style with Paul Mitchell Hold Me Tight spray (only when I curl my hair)

Find: Here, Here, Here, Here, Here

Because I'm trying to be honest and real, these photos are untouched, no filters, no smoke and mirrors...Just the natural light of my dining be kind...pretty please.

I air dry my hair 99% of the time. This is how my hair looks after sleeping on it last night

Starting at the front, wrap your hair at the root away from your face all the way to the end of your strands (do not curl the very end of your hair, leave that straight)...Yes I'm using a curling iron as a wand. I do not wrap it tightly, keep it fairly loose.

I know it's hard to ignore it...Let's talk about the elephant in the no attention to the blemish on my forehead...I'm starting to regret not editing these pics....Can you believe I tried to cover that thing up with makeup!?! We are all friends here, so why not share our insecurities. 

Repeat curling all the way around your head. You may alternate curling forward and back to create a more texturized look, just make sure you always curl the very front pieces away from your face.

When done, you will look like Shirley Temple....Let your curls cool for five to ten minutes

Once cooled, finger toss your curls to separate them. You may brush too, depending on the look you are going for. I like a tighter curl, so most days I use my fingers to loosen the curls.

This is where the After Party and Finishing spray come into play...I use a small amount of After Party to smooth my ends. Once I've done this, I spray the Finishing Spray into my hands (I do not spray it directly onto my hair) and smooth in a downward motion to define my curls. 

Check out that frizz!

And...this is the finished product....

So there you have it.  I hope this answers a few questions and helps you get those perfect beach waves! 



  1. So pretty! I wish I'd read this an hour ago before I ordered purple shampoo from Amazon.

    1. Thank you. Wish I had gotten to you sooner. ��

  2. This is a great tutorial! I've never used my curling iron as a wand, and I've also never sprayed my hairspray into my hair and used it that way!

    (By the way, totally seeing growth with those vitamins! So excited!)

    Alyssa | Glitter and Grey

    1. So easy and saves you money! :) I'm so glad the vitamins are working for you! They make my hair grow super fast!!