Call Me Ang: Easy Peasy Bow Tutorial

Easy Peasy Bow Tutorial

Monday, November 30, 2015

Bows...I can't live without them! I loved putting them in my daughters' hair when they were young, and I love using them to decorate during the holidays.  A few people on Instagram inquired how I made my bows for our mantle. Honestly, There is nothing to it! 

You will have to excuse my photo quality. I wanted to get this tutorial up as soon as possible, because I know many of you have started decking your halls!

Step I

What you will need: 
  1. Sharp Scissors
  2. Floral Wire
  3. Wired Ribbon 
  4. Lighter (not shown)
The bows you see on our mantle were done with roughly four feet (give or take) of wired ribbon, as seen blow. For now, do not worry about your ends, you will finish them last. 

Step II

With your right hand, pick up the end of the ribbon and loop it up and over to the center.

Step III

With your left hand, pick up the left side and repeat step one, criss-crossing over the first tail. Your bow should have a raised appearance. 

Step IV 

Take your floral wire and slide it under the center of the bow.  You will want a long piece of wire, not only will you secure the bow this way, but you will use the left over wire to secure the bow to garland, etc.  

Step V

Carefully cinch the middle together by twisting the wire. 

For the most part, your bow is complete.  Please note: I used a scrap piece of grosgrain to do this tutorial. This method is used for wired ribbon.  If you are using grosgrain, you will want to make a center knot to cover the wire. To do this, use grosgrain that is either 3/8" or  5/4" wide.  Take about six inches of ribbon (no less) and create a knot in the center of the ribbon, but don't pull too tight. In the center of your bow, put a drop of hot glue and secure your knot.  Wrap the tails around to the back side of the bow and glue. Cut off excess. 

Step VI

Time to finish those ends! This is why having sharp scissors when creating bows is important. You want to maintain the integrity of the "tail".  Dull scissors will create fraying. 

This is the angled edge.  You just cut the ribbon on any angle you prefer.

This is a V-Cut Edge.  Fold the ribbon in half length wise and cut the center in an angle.  

Step VII

This is the final step. You want those ends to stay perfect. There are a couple of methods you can use. You can buy "Fray Check" and coat the ends. Or you can use a lighter and move the lighter along the edges of the ribbon. This causes the grosgrain to melt. I don't recommend you try this on the bow you just created, because it does take some skill.  Use a scrap piece of ribbon first. Don't want you ruining that new bow! 

When you are done you will have a bow that looks just like this!