Call Me Ang: Three Health and Beauty Tips Using Lemons

Three Health and Beauty Tips Using Lemons

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I like to keep lemons on-hand. I use them for everything. Today, I'm going to share three useful tips on utilizing lemons for health and beauty. 

I drink a ton of water. A minimum of 60 ounces a day. I always include lemon in my water.  Not only is it refreshing, but the lemons also help flush your body of toxins. Feeling a little bloated, the lemons act as a natural diuretic. I get asked about my skin a lot...I believe 90% has to do with my water intake, but also the magical powers of lemons.

Lemons can also aide in removing sun and age spots.  Simply take a slice of lemon and rub it over your face (or areas of concern).  Leave on for a minimum of 15 minutes, and then rinse. Not only will citric acid lighten your skin, but it will also help with blemishes.  While this won't be an overnight miracle, over time, you will see results.

In addition, lemons combined with sugar make an excellent scrub.  The citric acid helps breaks down rough skin and the sugar exfoliates the dead skin away. I do this often on my hands and feet.

There are countless other beauty solution using lemons, but these simple tips are my go-to.  Who doesn't appreciate a natural and affordable way to maintain their skin and overall health...I know this girl does!



  1. Great tips! Where do,you find the cute dish towels in your pictures?

    1. Homegoods! Ours has an entire aisle of them. :)