Call Me Ang: Spring Break Swimsuit Picks

Spring Break Swimsuit Picks

Friday, April 3, 2015

As I wrote my post yesterday about vacationing in the Caribbean, it sparked a swimsuit search.  I'm a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of Mara Hoffman. I bought a couple of her suits last year, and I noticed that several other designers have been adopting (a nice way of saying copying) her colorful designs this year.

I'm also a big fan of a swim skirt. My trouble areas are my hips and thighs. My tummy (by some miracle) was saved during my pregnancies, so I'm still able to wear a two-piece. However, I always buy skirts to hide my imperfections (stretch marks and cellulite...oh joy).  I love mix and match bathing suits...If you are old like me, you will remember when you could ONLY buy a two piece suit in one size as a set...Which almost never seemed to work, because my top is much smaller than my bottom! Hallelujah for separates!

One | Two | Three 
(Obsessed with the Mara Hoffman, Nanette Lapore and Kate Spade suit!)

We will be surfing this Summer...Always nice to have a rash guard.
(This is my FAVORITE Suit..well played Kate Spade!)
My favorites are the Mara Hoffman Romper the Multi Color Cover up and the White Boyfriend Cover up on the far right..

I have a great (and easy) DIY project that I planned to post today, but I forgot I was scheduled for an Iron Infusion today (darn anemia)...So I will post it tomorrow! Stay Tuned!