Call Me Ang: Mother's Day Gift Guide Week I

Mother's Day Gift Guide Week I

Thursday, April 16, 2015

For the next four weeks, I will share my gift guide for Mother's Day. This year, I've created themes. Week one starts off with...Coffee Tables! I know you are scratching your head...but hear me out....

Is your Mom or Grandmother constantly rearranging her cocktail table (fancy way of saying coffee table)? I personally find myself re-styling my table frequently.  I've curated several items for that home decor fanatic in your life!  

By preparing a collection of items that your Mom (or mother figure) loves,  you are showing you care immensely. This isn't about what money can buy, but rather the time you spent creating this well thought-out gift.

Flowers, Engraved Frames, Monogrammed Throw, Candle
Traditional Mom

Bond No. 9 Candle, Monogrammed Throw, Wicker Basket, Trinket Tray, Coasters
Modern Mom

Flowers are always refreshing, but they die. However, if you select a beautiful vase to place them in, this gift will last a lifetime...or until she breaks it...

A tray, whether it is silver or colorfully lacquered, is a terrific way to organize your trinkets and items such as remote controls.  You can also strategically place candles on the tray as well.

Coffee table books create interest for guests.  I can't tell you how many times I've picked one up, while visiting a friend's home.  If you know a topic that your Mom enjoys, buy her a book to prominently display.  If your Mom is observant, she will appreciate that you care enough to seek out her interests.

What Mom doesn't love photographs? Especially when they are pictures of her beautiful children or grandchildren.  Pick up a complementary frame, and go a step further by already having the photographs enclosed.  Many retailers also provide the option to engrave the frame with a monogram or special date.

Finally, while a throw isn't  something that you place on a cocktail table, it goes quite nicely with this theme.  I'm a sucker for a blanket. We have several in our living space and they are used daily. Have it monogrammed...I guarantee she will love it!

Once you have collected all of the items above, carefully arrange them in a (suitably sized) basket to complete the gift. Most women haven't met a basket they didn't like. They are a practical way to store throws, pillows, shoes, etc. Chances are, your Mom will quickly find a way to put this basket to use.  Not to mention, it is such a fun way to present your perfectly prepared gift.  Finally, top that basket with a beautiful bow of course!

Next Thursday, I'll share another fun themed idea for Mom!

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  1. I love these Mother's Day gift ideas! You're very creative.