Call Me Ang: Front Porch Decor and a Little Blue House

Front Porch Decor and a Little Blue House

Monday, April 13, 2015

Almost two years ago, we built this little blue house.  It was a semi-custom home. We were able to select our exterior, shutter, front door, roof and brick colors.  I wasn't certain on a lot of my choices (I am incredibly indecisive), but I was certain, I wanted our home to be blue with black shutters.

My husband and I agreed that our first purchase would be rockers for the front porch!  As luck would have it, our local Cracker Barrel had two available. I was thrilled to be able to sip lemonade (who am I kidding...I mean wine) and watch the girls play with their new neighborhood friends in the yard. 

We truly had fun watching the construction. Building a home is so exciting. This won't be our forever home. My husband's career will (most likely) have us moving in a couple years. For now, I'll continue to make this house a home...and I hope that there is someone else out there that longs for a little blue house too. 

Boothbay Blue Exterior Home

James Hardie Plank
Boothbay Blue Home

I love the shaker shingles in the gables. These were an after-thought, and added after we were under contract.  Thankfully, the developer insisted on some architectural changes to the exterior, and the builder had to no expense to us!  The exterior is James Hardie Plank and the color is Boothbay Blue.  

Boxwood Wreath, Front Door, Curb Appeal, Porch Decor

I love a preserved boxwood wreath.  However, I wanted one that would be durable, one that would last for multiple years.  My husband laughs at our wreath collection in the walk in attic. I have one for every season and holiday (I know I'm not alone).  For the Summer, I wanted something fresh and simple (hence the delicate little grosgrain striped ribbon). I found this one at Grandin Road. Added bonus...the wreath is wired with sparkly white led lights and is cordless. I think if you are entertaining, a lit porch is such a welcoming site. Not to be reserved just for the holidays!

Decorating your front porch, Topiaries, Boxwood Wreath, Laterns, Planters

Another element I wanted to add, were topiaries.  I will be the first person to tell you that I have a black thumb. I kill virtually every plant I bring home. Knowing this, I didn't want live topiaries. I searched for quite some time until I found ones that (I felt) looked authentic. I found them at Save on Crafts.  They truly exceeded my expectations. The topiaries arrived with weighted pots, so all I  had to do, was place them into my own decorative planters.  I purchased the planters last year, from Home Depot. They were a light terra cotta and I spray painted them a stone color. Never underestimate the power of a spray paint can!  The little white ceramic planters were found at Walmart. 

The round table I found at Target (a couple of years ago), on clearance! I'm a big-time bargain shopper. I don't believe in paying full retail for anything. I recently found the little white polka dot planter at HomeGoods. I planted white petunias, because they are difficult to kill. As a side note, I started paying our youngest daughter to water them. It is only costing me $ 2.00 a week, and it's teaching her how to be responsible. Win win!!

Topiaries, Front Porch Decorations, White Rockers, Boxwood Wreath

 I also found the lanterns at HomeGoods. They were only $19.00 each.  The candles are battery operated and are set on timers. They come on about 8:00 pm each night.

White Rockers, Front Porch, Decor, Lanterns, Boxwood Topiaries

 I am searching for reasonably priced black and white striped pillows to place on the rockers. I've resigned, that I will most likely have to drag my sewing machine out and make them myself. 

Boxwood, Topiaries, Front Porch Decor, Lanterns, Battery Operated, Petunias, White

I plan to replace our welcome mat. It has seen better days. However, the one that I fell in love with, was too wide for that space. Back to the drawing board...It will be monogramed.

Front Porch Decor, Topiaries, Boxwood,

Curb Appeal, Home exterior, Front Porch

Nothing makes me happier than pulling onto our street and seeing our little blue house. I've worked hard to maintain it's curb appeal and we didn't have to break the bank to do it! It's warm and inviting...just the way a home should make you feel. 



  1. I'm a sucker for a front porch!

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  4. What are the roof shingles on your house? The manufacturer, the style, the color? We're building a house with the boothbay blue sideing and trying to decide on a roof color.

  5. Jim I wish I could provide you with all the details, but I don't have the answers. I pointed to the book and said "I want that color". Ha! Black architectural shingles. That's all I recall. Wish I could be of more help. Excellent choice in hardie plank! When we first built, we had people drive by and constantly take photos of our home. Grew to be a popular color combo. You guys will love it!

    1. Ang, I wish I could be that decisive!