Call Me Ang: Easy Nailhead DIY

Easy Nailhead DIY

Saturday, April 4, 2015

I recently posted about our dining room and the changes that I wanted to make.  One major change was to add upholstered head chairs.  After searching for the perfect navy chair, I found one that was below budget and worked perfectly. With one exception, the chair was on the plain side.

I decided I wanted to add brass nailhead to the chair (so the chair would be cohesive with the rest of the gold in the room). However, I wasn't sure I had the patience to add each nailhead individually.  My search led me to a nailhead roll. Ten yards to be exact!

 Here | Here | Here | Here

Thankfully, this DIY project is super easy. I was able to complete each chair in a roughly twenty-five minutes! You will only need three tools:

A wire cutter is necessary, because you need to cut through the roll once you've determined the required length. The tack puller is for those rogue nailhead that decide to go in crooked (I had a "few").  The tack hammer....self explanatory. 

This is how the strip looks when you cut through the metal

Every fifth nailhead you hammer in. The packaging encourages you to use gloves and protective eyewear. I didn't use either...I'm a rebel like that....

I will say, that the nailhead is thin metal, so you will get a paper cut-like cuts if you are not careful. 

 Is it me or do my hands look freakishly strange in this picture?

I started at the bottom and then worked up.  I promise there is little instruction I can give you - expect to measure and use something as a guide to keep your nailhead strip straight as you install it.  I used the chair itself as a guide, it has a fabric trim around the backside. 

Viola! Finished Chair

I would never use this on a high dollar piece of furniture.  However, if you have a budget item you want to add pizzazz to, this will do the trick! I'm going to reupholster a bench next week, and I will use this nailhead strip on it as well. 

Another change to the dining room since my last post, is that I added an etagere to either sides of the window.  I wish I could have invested in this etagere.  However, I am on a budget and found a suitable solution - which I have fallen in love with! We have an abundance of white serveware, and I think this is such a great way to display the pieces. 

Etagere | Blue Vases: Here, Here, Here, Here | White Serveware: Here, Here, Here, Here

I also found the perfect table to place on the other side of the room, below a gold bamboo mirror I already have hung. Much to my dismay the console table arrived damaged yesterday. It has to go back, and I'm questioning if I want to take a chance at ordering it again. I'll keep you posted!



  1. this great!

    i love the gallery wall you have in your DR. can you do a post about that?

    1. Hey Laura...I provided details for the gallery wall in this post: (the frames are from Michaels..and I spray painted them gold. The prints are from Etsy) I provided the link for both in that post! :)