Call Me Ang: Ang's Favorite Things!

Ang's Favorite Things!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Exactly two months ago today I started Call Me Ang. Words can't describe the joy blogging brings me. I adore sharing all things in life that I love...and that means everything...even something silly, like a new car smell air freshener. Nothing is too little for me to write about. After all, in my opinion it's the little things in life that actually make life great. With that said, I also enjoy writing about our home decor and sharing what is in my closet as well!

Once in a while, I want you to have the opportunity to have the things I blog about for yourselves. I understand that we all have budgets that we responsibly follow. That whole "fiscal responsibility mantra"...It's no fun...but the outcome is far more rewarding than living in debt.

So today, I'm starting a giveaway with three items that I have blogged about (or shared in other forums of social media). These three items received the most comments and attention...and I want a reader of Call Me Ang, to be able to call them ALL their own!

Bobbi Brown, Italian Rose, Converse Shoreline, Kate Spade Stud Earrings

I'm giving away my favorite Bobbi Brown Lipstick Color: Italian Rose, My go-to earrings: Kate Spade Square Stud and...My new favorite shoes: Converse Shoreline Slip-ons

You can follow these steps for multiple entries to win:
  1. Follow Call Me Ang on Instagram
  2. Follow Call Me Ang on Twitter
  3. Follow Call Me on BlogLovin
  4. Follow Call Me Ang on Facebook
  5. Follow Call Me Ang on Pinterest
  6. Repost this giveaway on your Instagram
  7. Retweet this giveaway on Twitter
  8. If you want FOUR additional entries, you can blog about this giveaway
 If you complete each of these steps, you will have a total of 11 entries! 

Finally...because I believe in the honor system, I'm going to let you provide me with the number of entries you have submitted. Come back to this post and submit your entries in the comment section. The only thing I ask, is if you blog about the giveaway, please place the link in your comment as well. In addition, please post your email address, so that I have a way to contact you.

Oh wait...I forgot one more thing...YOU get to choose your colors....Don't like my favorite lip color, Italian problem...You wouldn't dare wear white have other options: Red, Gray or Navy....Blue studs are not your thing...good thing you have a rainbow of choices: Pink, Red, Orange, Clear, Green, Purple or Mint...I just want you to be happy!!

Giveaway ends at midnight on 4/16/15 and winner will be announced via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on 4/17/15.

Good luck!!



  1. I followed you on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, and retweeted for a total of 4 entries. You have awesome taste! I love the Kate Spade earrings :)

  2. Awesome giveaway! I follow on IG, FB and Twitter. I also retweeted :) 4 entries for me.

  3. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and shared on Instagram for 4 entries! What a fun giveaway!!

  4. Do I get brownie points for already following (aka Stalking) you on all these platforms? Oh, and I own a Doodle. That trumps all these other bitches. I could blog about this but you would have to thrown in a Doodle giveaway for or my book. Hint, hint. XOXO PS. Sorry, I'm a bit cranky without my Blue Bell and Hummus.

  5. I follow you on pintrests, fb, instagram and Twitter!! And I reposted your tweet! And I need a new pair of chucks to add to my collection - I don't own a doodle like the above person but I do have three cats!

  6. I followed you on Instagram! Thanks, Kim

  7. 6! Everything except BlogLovin and blogging about it! :) xo

    1. My Gmail still has my last name as Peale… But you know the deal!

  8. I just follow your blog and follow you on Instagram. Started today to follow you on Pinterest. So that's 3! Ps- I'll dog sit anyway for you. :)

  9. Ahhhhhh. I did or already had done the first five options. So I have 5 entries! :)

  10. As an (unsolicited) long-time friend and fan of "the above person" Christy Bright, I rally on her behalf for her to be the grateful recipient of your sweet giveaway. Totally take her up on her offer of a giveaway of her Shaggy Dog Eats book!!!! #diggity-adorable! Christy is your deserving fan, a mover, doer, shaker... generous and hysterically ... uncensored!

    1. I totally paid her to say this. Sorry Ang, but I'm stacking the deck.

      So all you other followers/commenters can just give up ;)

  11. Follow you on jnstagram, FB and Pinterest! Love your stuff!

  12. This is so sweet of you! I have enjoyed reading your blog over the past 2 months :) I follow on IG, FB, Pinterest, and Twitter, and I tweeted about this for a total of 5 entries! Do I get anything extra for owning a doodle as well?? ;)

  13. This is an awesome giveaway that I would loooove to win! I have a total of 5 entries. Fingers crossed!

  14. Awesome giveaway. Bobbi Brown makeup is some of my absolute favorite! I follow you on Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin, and Facebook.

  15. Alright if I win this I promise to give the loot to the "above person" Christy Bright!!! She would rock those chucks with her Boy friend jeans!!!

  16. This is a great giveaway! I follow on Twitter and Instagram. Have a Happy Friday.

  17. Great giveaway!

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    6 entries for me!

  18. Hey-I did the following for 6 entries:
    Follow Call Me Ang on Instagram
    Follow Call Me Ang on Twitter
    Follow Call Me on BlogLovin
    Follow Call Me Ang on Facebook
    Follow Call Me Ang on Pinterest
    Retweet this giveaway on Twitter

    (I have no idea how to do new posts on Instagram...)

  19. Very cool! Thank you! I followed you on all, repost on IG, and retweeted on Twitter. I hope you have a great weekend!

  20. following on: insta/twitter/bloglovin/pinterest = 4 points!
    Thank you sooo much!


  21. Two entries for me - Pinterest (susitravl) & Bloglovin'. myfoxypup (at) gmail (dot) com

  22. Followed on instagram, pinterest, bloglovin, twitter, facebook and tweeted so 6 entries. Thank you! :)

  23. 6 entries for me!

    IG: @linjumimom
    Twitter @linjumimom
    bloglovin @linjumimom
    FB: Donna R
    Pinterest @linjumimom

    1. Donna you won the giveaway!!! Please provide your email for me so I can contact you. Congrats!!

  24. I entered for 4 entries! Love this giveaway!

  25. Thought I commented earlier but I don't see it :( In any case I've (scout's honor) got 6 entries (follows on instagram, twitter, and pinterest, a like on facebook, a repost on instagram, and a retweet on twitter).

  26. 7 Entries for me :)
    IG: trendanicole
    Twitter: TrendaTillson
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    Pinterest: trendanicole

    Shared on all platforms!

  27. 4 entires(IG, Facebook, Pinterest, and bloglovin) great giveaway!

  28. I follow you on FB, Instagram and Pinterest...because you're awesome! :) I love it all!!!

  29. 4 entries for me (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and bloglovin)! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway -- the winner will be receiving some great stuff!

  30. 5 entries for me!

    Following on all of the below (@pruamthong)

    instagram, twitter, pinterest, bloglovin, facebook


  31. 5 for me

    IG, Twitter, repost, retweet, Pinterest

  32. 5 entries for me: Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & retweet. LOVE your blog!!!!!