Call Me Ang: Dining Room Decor

Dining Room Decor

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Last month, I shared our Great Room with you.  Today, I'm continuing our home tour with the dining room.

Home Decor, Gold Chandelier, Persian Rug, Aaron Chair Pottery Barn
As you can see, the room is unfinished. We are going on two years in our home, but, as my husband says, "this is a marathon, not a sprint." I married such a wise man.

I have a few ideas to complete the space.  When we entertain, we needed a large area for seating.  With this in mind, we chose to expand our table to the fullest length.  However, this limited our space for a buffet or hutch.  Our table and chairs are from Pottery Barn.  The table is the Montego Collection (no longer available). The chairs are, the Aaron Chair. Want to hear a crazy coincidental piece of information. I met my husband on vacation, in Montego Bay....and his name is Aaron. Our purchase had nothing to do with those events.

After some searching, I found the perfect narrow sideboard table, which will fit nicely on this wall. I'll add a lamp, floral arrangement, vases and call it a day.

The walls on either side of the window are bare.  I would like to add gold Etageres to each side.  While this isn't a conventional way to display serveware, I think will work nicely. Another option is to add two small gold console tables, which I would place lamps on.

I've designed a board of how I want those spaces to be transformed:

As you can see, we are lacking Head Chairs at the ends of the table.  I once ordered a slipcovered Parson chair from Carrington Court. The chair turned out lovely.  My plan is to order from them again. I will most likely go with a navy linen chair.  Their prices are affordable and their product is constructed well (chairs similar to above).

The runner on the table is actually two, which I placed together.  I bought them from Homegoods.  The vases were bought at Target and Homegoods, ages ago. I do plan to replace them with blue and white vintage ginger jars.

Navy and White Vases, Ginger Jars, Target, Pottery Barn

The drapery is Dupioni silk. I wanted something light and airy, since the room has such bold accents. The rod was purchased at Home Depot.

While the rest of our home is decorated in cool tones, the rug is warm, so I decided to go with gold lighting - which I found on eBay. I realize that some people are having a hard time embracing gold accents in homes...but I hate to tell you, I think bronze, brass and gold are here to stay.....for a while.

Our rug has been the topic of discussions many times.  We love it and I enjoy all the attention it receives.  We ordered it from Manhattan Rugs. The origin is Iran and it is a hand-knotted wool Heriz.  My husband has a huge appreciation for Persian rugs. They are amazing pieces of art. The beauty of buying from a rug dealer, is that your piece is 100% original. Because these rugs are handmade (usually by a specific family), there are no two alike.  While imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, there is something to be said for owning something no one else has.

Finally, as I mentioned in a prior post, our coral prints were purchased on Etsy.  I found the frames on sale at Michaels.  The frames were originally black, and I took my mighty gold spray paint to them.  Spray paint is the most affordable and easy way to transform any object. Big fan!
Dining Room, Ginger Jars, Coral Navy Prints, Aaron Chair Pottery Barn, Montego Collection Table
I need to finish painting the room. Above the chair rail, is the builder grade beige paint. The problem with the wall, is that it travels into the great room. While I would love to paint this room Navy, I have to keep it the same as the Great Room.  When we were building our home, I searched for weeks to find the perfect shade of gray. I finally decided on Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore, and I am delighted with the shade.

The small butler panty area is cute, but not really functional. It houses a few serving pieces, but for the most part has been an area that collects junk. The three small mirrors were perfect for this space and were purchased at Target.

Last month I also, did a post on responsible spending.  While I have all these grand ideas for our dinning room. The truth is, in order to obtain these pieces, I will have to save. For now, the room will stay as-is.  Do I get anxious, you bet I do. Do I get frustrated, absolutely. However, I know that I'll be able to finish the room eventually. Probably about the time that we put the house on the market...such is life.



  1. Beautiful room and I love hearing your thoughts on what your plans are!

    1. Thank you Heather! I will continue to post household projects and progress. Thank you for taking the time to read my little blog!

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