Call Me Ang: Maxi Dresses as Transitional Wear

Maxi Dresses as Transitional Wear

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I love the versatility of maxi dresses.  In the Summer you need nothing more than the dress and your favorite sandals to complete your look. However, don't limit your wear to Summer.  Maxi dresses can be worn year-round. This Spring, I plan to wear mine with booties and a jean jacket. I've thrown together a few looks for transitional inspiration.

Jean Jackets: Here (I have this one), Here, Here | Maxi Dresses: Here, Here, Here (I have this one) Booties: Here (great buy), Here 
Bags: Here (splurge), Here (great buy), Here | Necklaces: Here, Here (splurge), Here (great buy)

Do you have a signature fragrance? For years, I have purchased different perfumes and I never finish the bottle. That was, until I found this scent. I've been wearing it for three years and it suits me well. 

Do you have a favorite fragrance, one that defines your style and your personality? If so, please share. I'm always interested to see what others are wearing. 


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  1. Ellen Tracy. I think the one I wear is the first one she made- just her name, nothing else. I've tried others by her but this is my absolute fav and I've been wearing it for years. A big plus is that I used to have to pay big $ for it but now I can find in Marshall's for cheap!