Call Me Ang: Light Therapy

Light Therapy

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I have been dealing with blemishes. I didn't deal with skin issues in my adolescence, now I'm almost 40 and my face decided it's time for puberty...What gives? After trips to the dermatologist and several different skin treatments, I decided to try something different.  I had read about blue light therapy on Sephora and other sites that sell skincare products.  However, I was a skeptic and didn't want to invest in a device that was nothing more than a glorified flashlight.

Thankfully, I consulted with my skin guru, Shasta. I asked what her opinion was of this skin treatment, and if she thought it was worth the investment. She said in her experience, the treatment does work and isn't a sham.

I started researching which product would be best for our family.  I have two daughters who are nearing the age, where skin issues might become a problem.   I wanted something that would be easy to use and didn't require a lot of maintenance.  The Tria has excellent reviews with proven results. I considered buying this device, but I didn't like that you are required to purchase a cartridge every two months. In addition, I didn't like that you have to glide it across your face is small sections. This seemed cumbersome, especially for teens.  I also read up on the Bright Therapy Trident, again, this is a handheld device and seemed like too much trouble.  If it were only myself using this machine, I would have a different opinion.

Finally, I stumbled across the Norlanya Photon Therapy Facial Treatment Machine. This is a free-standing light source, which was a huge bonus.  Not only did it offer blue light therapy, but also red and yellow. The company that produces this light, makes commercial laser therapy machines for dermatologist and estheticians.

(I took these photos so you can get a visual of what the device looks like)

I'll provide you a simple breakdown of what each light source is designed to do:

Diminish Inflammation
Remove Acne
Improve Scarring
Intensify Function of Muscle
Intensify Immunologic System
Desalting Spot
Inhibiting Growth of Melanin
Stimulates Metabolism, Stimulate Rejuvansce
Increase Collagen Cytoactive
Accelerate Detoxification
Make Skin Soft and Smooth

I know you are probably rolling your eyes...thinking "oh please"....But I promise you, this light does exactly what it says it will.  Not only have I been dealing with blemishes, but also skin darkening on my chin and above my lip, otherwise called Pregnancy Mask...I digress, no baby in this oven! Yes, melanin has taken over my face. I for one, don't want to look like a I have a 5'oclock shadow! I plant myself in from of this machine daily for twenty minutes. The darkening of my skin has subsided drastically, and I am blemish free. The catch - you have to use this consistently (daily) and you won't see overnight results, but after two weeks of use, I am a very happy consumer!  

What I love most, is that I'm not applying chemicals to my skin (I've been using retin-a and hydroquinone). This is 100% natural.  Light therapy is UV free and FDA approved. One final plus...This also helps with seasonal disorder, for those who get the Winter blues. 

While this might not be the answer for some, I'm sharing my experience in hopes that it will help you as well. 



  1. Hi Ang, long time Instagram follower here! So glad to see you're back blogging! I have been considering the Trident for a few months now for some mild acne. I am assuming that because it is uv free then it won't cause skin cancer? Great post, so Informative, thanks!

    1. Yes, I was concerned about UV light as well. Thankfully there isn't any associated with this device (or others similar)! My daughter is dealing with mild acne on her face...Cleared it up within a matter of days. I'm sold. Let me know if you take the plunge and buy one and how it works for you! I will say, my pores appear smaller too since using the yellow light. Thanks for following my blog and for the kind words of encouragement!